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Price List for AntiOxidant Specialist Formula

One bottle of AntiOxidant Specialist formula provides a one-month supply to the typical user. AntiOxidant Specialist is a natural "food supplement", and has no known side effects.

ANTIOXIDANTS - Clove Oil (ORAC 10,786,875), Thyme Oil (ORAC 159,590), Green Tea (with active ingredient Catechin), Bilberry, Melatonin, L-Carnosine, Acetyl L–Carnitine or ALC (an amino acid), and Alpha-Lipoic Acid or ALA (a water-soluble AND fat-soluble antioxidant);
OTHER - N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC (metabolizes into intracellular Glutathione, an antioxidant), Choline, GABA, Ginkgo Biloba, and Selenium (a trace mineral).

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"Specialist" Formula Products, formulated by Dr. Paul Ling Tai

$39.95 AntiOxidant Specialist (one-month supply) ()

$39.95 Performance Specialist with Cordyceps for increased stamina (90 capsules, 3 per day) Competitive athletes may require 6 or 9 capsules per day. Contains no drugs and no steroids. For athletes or anyone, even the elderly.

$39.95 Pain Specialist chronic pain relief: from back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

$39.95 Cardio Specialist formula to clear heart and arteries of plaque, reduce fibrin and calcium deposits, lower "bad" LDL cholesterol, increase "good" HDL cholesterol, reduce inflammation in arteries, and reduce risk of heart attack and stroke (90 capsules, 3 per day)

$39.95 Digestion Specialist to hydrate and cleanse digestive tract and end constipation (150 mg. powder, makes 37 daily servings of a tasty natural orange/vanilla drink, take on empty stomach once per day)

$39.95 Prostate Specialist for enlarged prostate gland or BPH (90 capsules, 3 per day)

$39.95 Menopause Specialist to minimize menopause symptoms, sagging breasts, wrinkling, hair loss and bone loss by supplying bio-compatible Estrogen (Estriol) and Progesterone from plant sources (60 capsules, 2 per day). Much safer than Estrogen (Estradiol) derived from animal sources (urine of pregnant mares) which is used in popular Estrogen Replacement Therapy drugs. Also relieves PMS symptoms in younger women, and reduces aging effects and bone loss in elderly women.

Other Affinity Products

$39.95 M-Water for cell hydration and enhanced nutrient absorption (16.9 fl.oz. bottle) 2 teaspoons of concentrate treat 1 gallon of drinking water.

$39.95 Sea Energy Liquid Vitamin and Mineral Supplement (32 fl.oz.) 30% certified organic Aloe Vera.
Supplies 52 minerals and trace minerals, 16 vitamins, and 22 amino acids in absorbable organic form, plus Cranberry and Black Cherry concentrate, Ginger Root, Pau d'Arco, and Ginkgo Biloba. Sea vegetation harvested from pristine ocean waters of northern Canada.

$39.95 PowerMax "triple-strength" Sea Energy (32 fl.oz.) 91% certified organic Aloe Vera by weight

$28.00 Alli-C Pure Allicin and Vitamin C (30 capsules, 300 mg. real Allicin per capsule, 1 per day)

$28.00 Alli-Ban Liquid antimicrobial (30 ml. droplet dispenser, 500 p.p.m. pure Allicin, for external use)

$39.95 One-Day Diet Vanilla wafers (140 for 7 "diet days") Diet for one day, eat favorite foods the next day. Repeat 2-day cycle for rapid weight loss without hunger or deprivation. No recipes, no calorie-counting, no drugs.

$39.95 One-Day Diet Chocolate wafers (140 for 7 "diet days")

$39.95 Manuka Oil 100% Pure antimicrobial (10 ml. droplet dispenser bottle, for use on skin or in aromatherapy)

$39.95 Manuka Soap antimicrobial (three bars antibacterial and antifungal Manuka Soap)

$39.95 Manuka Intro Pak antimicrobial (1 Manuka Soap plus 1 Manuka Cream)

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AntiOxidant Specialist Formula capsules contain a formulation of natural herbs,
amino acids, and minerals by Dr. Paul Ling Tai. They do not contain any drugs.
AntiOxidant Specialist is not sold in stores, but is distributed exclusively by Affinity Just-2 through independent distributors participating in the Affinity Just-2 Plan for "referral marketing" where happy customers refer new customers.
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