The Lose And Snooze
Way To Weight Loss
Burn the Fat and See the Muscle

The Lose And Snooze Way To Weight Loss

The Healthy Way To Lose Fat And Build Lean Muscle

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Sleep better and shape your body by building muscle and burning fat with Lose And Snooze

Lose And Snooze is a liquid Collagen product that sounds almost too good to be true... "Lose Weight While You Sleep". Actually, it helps your body burn fat and build lean muscle while you sleep - and does a lot more than that, as you will see.

Yes, Lose And Snooze will help you lose weight... but that isn't from losing water or muscle. It actually helps add muscle cells while you burn off excess fat, so it's really more about losing INCHES OF FAT than just losing "pounds" on the bathroom scale.

But it's not a "diet". You don't need to avoid eating any of the foods you eat now, and you don't have to eat less food. And you don't even need to exercise. Exercising or just going for a brisk walk every day or two would help, and so would eating healthy foods, but Lose And Snooze will do its job of building muscle and burning fat even if you don't change your diet or level of exercise.

It's NOT a "diet pill" or a "fat blocker" or "appetite suppressant". And it does not contain any drugs or stimulants. Lose And Snooze is classed by the FDA as a "food supplement" and it would help to think of it as a healthy organic "food" that helps your body improve its natural functions of regenerating and restoring itself during your natural sleep cycle. It helps you achieve the most healthy weight loss, by losing excess fat while adding more muscle.

I've have been taking Lose and Snooze for 2 months and I feel great!
My sleep has been so good, and when I get up I have energy like never before.  My blood pressure and cholesterol have never been as good as it is now.
I lost 10 inches and 18 pounds in 2 months.
I have degenerative lower disc problems, and since I've been taking this product the pain has disappeared. Over all, I feel good!
I know the price has gone up, but I can't stop now. This is a great product!

Connie S.

You might also think of Lose And Snooze as supplying some important "raw materials" to your body which enhance its ability to repair and rebuild itself during deep sleep - which is why Lose And Snooze works best when you take it just before you fall to sleep.

Taking one tablespoon (one-half fluid ounce) of the good-tasting syrup with a little water just before you go to sleep stimulates and supports your body's natural repair and regeneration process that occurs mainly and most efficiently during the first 90 minutes of sleep. This repairing and building requires energy, which comes from burning your body's stored fat. The conversion or "metabolization" of fat into energy is further supported by another active ingredient of Lose And Snooze, the amino acid L-carnitine.

Don't be concerned about the word "acid" there, for an amino acid is simply a shorter chain of carbon-based molecules which can combine with other amino acid chains to create various kinds of proteins. Think of them like a string of beads which can be strung together in various ways to create longer strings of beads.

Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the human body. In fact, there is more Collagen protein in a healthy body than all the other proteins combined. It is found everywhere in your body, since it forms the support structure for all your body cells. So you might consider Lose And Snooze as something like a very special collagen "protein drink"!

Snooze To Lose

Now let's look at the "Snooze" part of Lose And Snooze. With all the stress of living in today's world, most adults do not get the restful and rejuvenating sleep they enjoyed as children and teenagers, when they would wake up re-energized and refreshed and ready for another active day - without the aid of stimulants like caffeine and sugar. With the help of Lose And Snooze you can get a deeper, more restful and restorative sleep, where your body repairs itself and begins to rebuild and re-shape itself by adding lean muscle tissue and burning off stored fat.

Note that Lose And Snooze does not contain any drugs or herbs that "put you to sleep", but when you go to sleep it helps you get to the deepest levels of sleep where you notice you are having dreams, and where your body is most efficient at repairing and rebuilding itself. That is why Lose And Snooze is best taken right before you go to sleep, when it will be available to your body at the time it does most of its repairing and rebuilding.

And taking the liquid Lose And Snooze on an empty stomach helps your body absorb it better and faster when there is no "nutrient competition" from other foods in your stomach. It will still work if you can't wait three hours to let your dinner or evening snack foods digest fully, but it will work best if you don't eat for two or three hours before bedtime.

Here are FIVE FACTS you should know if you want to lose fat and keep from gaining the fat back later.

So you can see how Lose And Snooze could be a healthy and efficient way to lose excess fat by building more muscle cells while you sleep, and using stored fat as the energy source to build and repair muscle cells. And you can see why it is important to keep drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure water each day while using Lose And Snooze - and also all the time, especially when you are losing stored fat by exercising or using ANY kind of diet program.

Not drinking enough water causes "dehydration", which means your body cannot perform all its functions efficiently and may soon show some symptoms of being unhealthy. But just drinking any kind of fluid is not enough, for the water must actually be able to get into and out of your cells to carry nutrients in and flush waste and toxins out.

Note that the caffeine in coffee, tea, and many soft drinks actually causes dehydration; for even though the drink itself contains water, the caffeine unnaturally stimulates your kidneys to release even more water. Many people do not realize that excess consumption of caffeine is what contributes to "constipation" when there is not enough water in the digestive tract to keep the food materials soft and moving along as easily and quickly as they should. And many do not realize that drinking lots of "diet cola" drinks with caffeine is not really helping them diet, but helping them be dehydrated!

One of the ingredients of Lose And Snooze is "Affinity Water" which contains smaller clusters of natural H2O molecules than regular drinking water. Viewed with an electron microscope, these clusters look like perfect rings; while regular water molecules look like long random chains. These smaller clusters can more easily pass through the outer membrane of all your cells, better than ordinary water. This may increase "cellular hydration" and enhance the efficient delivery of nutrients at the cellular level. This also helps your cells flush out more of the waste byproducts and toxins, to help keep them healthy and functioning efficiently.

One 16 fluid ounce bottle of Lose And Snooze lasts for 32 days when taking one-half fluid ounce or one tablespoon each night before bedtime

It is important to realize that the healthy natural ingredients in Lose And Snooze are simply enabling your own body to do what it used to do naturally and efficiently when you were young and stress-free. Your body is perfectly capable of keeping itself healthy and strong, as long as you keep giving it the nutrients it needs and can actually use. Regular excercise would help too, but the extra Collagen and other natural nutrients in Lose And Snooze could help even those people who are unable to get much exercise, or who are disabled or confined to bed.

Collagen protein is also the main component of your skin, hair and nails. The extra Collagen can help reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, and promote healthy hair and nail growth. You have seen people who lost a lot of weight, but now have unsightly sagging skin. You are not likely to experience sagging skin when you use Lose And Snooze for healthy weight loss.

You will see your skin get stronger and more supple and younger-looking, and see your hair and nails grow faster, thicker and stronger. Some middle-aged and elderly users of Lose And Snooze have even reported that their hair is not only growing thicker and stronger, but that the gray or white hairs are gradually changing back to their original color!

Collagen is also a major component of muscles and joints. A most beneficial "side effect" of the supplemental Collagen and deep restorative sleep which some users of Lose And Snooze experience and report is the restoration of healthy joint function, or a reduction of pain in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Even young and healthy body builders and weight lifters know that it is the stretching and tearing of muscles that causes them to grow stronger and faster (which is why they say, "No pain, no gain!"), so some have been interested in Lose And Snooze to help build more muscle and help reduce the muscle pain they always experience after a strenuous workout.

Collagen is also found in the walls of arteries and veins, where it adds strength and flexibility to those blood vessels that may have become hardened, weak or injured over time. It is important to realize that your own body will utilize the supplemental Collagen in Lose And Snooze in ways which are most important to your well-being and survival, so you might not see immediate outward signs of weight loss or the building of lean muscle if your body needs to first work on some internal issues that are more important to your survival than simply building more muscle and burning off more fat.

You may not be aware of how your own body is using the extra Collagen protein on the inside, but over time you will see the outside signs of losing fat and building muscle, along with the visible changes in your skin and hair and nails. And if you soon start experiencing the deeper and resorative sleep or start noticing you are having dreams again, then you will know that the Lose And Snooze is already working for you, even if you don't yet see the outward signs.

When we are young, our bodies naturally produce sufficient Collagen protein from our food supply, with the help of Vitamin C which is essential to the production of Collagen. As we get older, our bodies make less and less Collagen - and not getting enough Vitamin C would mean we make even less.

You may have heard how the deadly disease called Scurvy used to kill many sailors on long sea voyages, until the British Navy discovered that eating limes every day would prevent Scurvy (which is why the English got called "limeys"). The Scurvy was simply being caused by nutritional deficiency - a lack of Vitamin C which caused a lack of sufficient Collagen being produced by their bodies. It wasn't just a lack of Vitamin C which caused the Scurvy, but the extreme lack of Collagen, which is a very strong but flexible fibrous type of protein which forms the microscopic support structure for all the cells of the body, including those of vital organs, blood vessels, and even the bones.

Think of Collagen as being like the chicken wire that supports the flowers used to create those beautiful floats you see in a parade like the Rose Bowl Parade. Without the support structure, everything would collapse.

Collagen also has a connection to aging and appearance. Three commonly accepted signs of aging are...

We think that this is "normal" and just resign ourselves to getting those wrinkles and aches and pains. Yet this is not a "normal" condition at all, but an "abnormal" and unhealthy condition that can be caused by a lack of sufficient Collagen production. This happens because after about age 30 our bodies start to produce less and less Collagen as we get older. So you can see how taking a Collagen supplement like Lose And Snooze could help your skin stay supple and strong and young-looking, and help your body stay healthy, slim, strong and pain-free longer than it would without the help of additional Collagen.

Injections of Collagen are sometimes given by dermatologists (medical doctors who specialize in skin conditions) to aging movie stars and wealthy persons who want to retain a youthful appearance. And liquid Collagen has been used for nearly 30 years in hospitals to help rebuild severly burned skin and to help restore damaged joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles of accident victims.

With this healthy weight loss product, you can actually lose fat and gain muscle - which means you will see the results more as losing inches of fat on your body than as losing pounds on your bathroom scale. Where that extra weight went onto your body is where it will first start coming off your body. Note that since muscle weighs more than fat, you are more likely to see yourself losing "inches" than "pounds" at first, when you are adding more muscle at the same time you are losing fat.

A 200-pound champion body builder with lots of lean muscle and hardly any fat could weigh the same as a 200-pound flabby "couch potato" of the same height. So it isn't the "weight" that makes you look fat - it's the FAT. Losing excess fat should be the goal, not just losing "pounds" on the scale.

When we think about "dieting" to get rid of those excess pounds of fat which have made our bodies look flabby and unfit, we often make the mistake of starving ourselves to lose the "pounds" of fat - and forget that we may be losing muscle mass at the same time. We are each born with a certain number of fat cells, which are like little bags which can expand to store extra fat, or collapse when some fat is taken out. You never actually lose the fat cells, but you can make them smaller when they give up some of the fat stored in them.

Fat cells just sit there holding fat all the time, but muscle cells actually need a constant supply of energy even if they are not working. The more muscle cells we have, the more energy we need every day to sustain them, which means we have to eat more food to get the energy they require. This is why a man needs more calories of energy per day and has to eat more food per day than a woman of the same weight, because men have a greater percentage of muscle cells per pound of body weight than women, who have a greater percentage of fat calls.

That explains why men can lose weight easier and faster than women, because those extra muscle cells in their bodies burn energy all the time, and the energy comes mainly from carbohydrates and stored fat. So you can see how Lose And Snooze could help you lose weight by building more muscle, which in turn burns more fat. By the way, a gram of fat can provide three times the energy than a gram of carbohydrates.

So the more muscle cells you have in your body, the more energy you require each day. The amount of energy required to maintain your basic body functions is referred to as your basal metabolism or "metabolic rate" or just "metabolism" for short. In general, adding more muscle cells helps raise your metabolism, and using them raises it even more. The higher your basal metabolism or "metabolism", the more energy you need, and the more food you can consume without storing fat and gaining weight. So if you want to get rid of excess fat and be able to eat without gaining weight, it makes sense to prevent the loss of the muscle cells you already have, and add more muscle cells if you can.

That is why Lose And Snooze is the healthy and efficient way to lose excess fat, because it not only helps your body burn off stored fat while you sleep, but promotes the building of more muscle, which further helps you burn off more fat, not to mention making you stronger, leaner and healthier.

When you add lean muscle, it helps "shape" your body by firming up the places where you may be "sagging" or "bulging". It can help hide the deposits of fat and cellulite at the same time it is helping you burn off the excess fat. So when you are thinking about "dieting" to lose weight, what you really should be thinking about is adding more muscle and burning off more fat.

Beware of fad diets that contain stimulants or drugs which cause an apparent rapid weight loss due to the loss of muscle tissue, which weighs three times as much as an equal volume of fat. Your heart is a muscle too, and there is a danger of harming your heart with some of those diet products like Ephedra and Phen-Phen which cause muscle loss. People have died from heart failure as a result of using such unhealthy weight loss products which cause a loss of muscle cells. That is why the U.S. FDA eventually banned Ephedra products.

Lose And Snooze contains NO stimulants or drugs, and is completely safe for both humans (including those with diabetes) and their pet animals (it can help rejuvenate an aging pet).

Its active ingredients are liquified natural Collagen protein which is a vital component of muscles, tendons, arteries, skin, hair and nails; a special amino acid called L-Carnitine which helps your body burn stored fat by converting fat into energy; Affinity Water which increases cellular hydration and lets more nutrients enter into your body cells and more toxins pass out of those cells; and organic Aloe Vera juice which is a powerful natural antioxidant and preservative. Other ingedients include small amounts of natural cane juice for a sweet taste, some natural cocoa for a slightly chocolate flavor, and citric acid as a preservative. Note that chocolate can be toxic to dogs, but there is too small an amount in Lose And Snooze to be of concern.

Since all organic foods can spoil over time when exposed to airborne bacteria and fungi, once you have opened your bottle of liquid Lose And Snooze and removed the seal you should keep it tightly capped and refrigerated during the month you will be using it, and avoid drinking directly from the bottle to keep from contaminating it with bacteria.

Lose And Snooze works well with the One Day Diet plan for those who want to lose more than 20 pounds quickly, or who are looking for more rapid weight loss. Yet Lose And Snooze can also be used by slender or underweight people who wish to build up their muscle mass and reshape their body, or firm up loose or sagging skin, or improve the healthy function of their joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Lose And Snooze will not cause more weight loss than is healthy for your own body - it just helps bring you to your ideal body weight. So some users will want to keep taking Lose And Snooze as a Collagen supplement to enjoy the beneficial "side effects" like the deep and restorative sleep, a young and healthy appearance of skin and hair, promoting healthy joint function, and helping to maintain muscle mass. If you work out, lift weights, or engage in strenous athletic activities, you may find that taking Lose And Snooze helps with sore muscles and supports a speedier recovery time, while supporting your body's ability to repair and rebuild muscle cells while you sleep.

All of the Affinity natural health products come with the Company's 30-day, money-back, "empty-bottle", customer satisfaction guarantee. When did you ever get a refund from your drug store or doctor if you weren't satisfied with the results? With Lose And Snooze and the other Affinity natural health products, you can try them risk-free for 30 days from date of delivery, and if you are not satisfied they work for you then simply phone for an authorization number and send back the empty bottle for a full refund. By the way, shipping by UPS is free to the lower 48 states of the USA, and the products can be shipped to nearly every country in the world (by US Parcel Post).

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