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Menopause Specialist formula for women suffering from symptoms of menopause.

Minimizing Female Menopause Symptoms

With the "Menopause Specialist" Formula

You don't need to suffer the symptoms of female menopause or PMS - or the harmful side-effects of estrogen replacement therapy drugs from animal sources.  Dr. Tai's 100% herbal formula with phyto estrogens such as estriol from plant sources is a much safer and effective alternative which minimizes symptoms and side-effects, and even slows the ravages of aging.

Click the Audio link below to hear Dr. Tai explain Menopause and estrogen and progesterone - and the shocking truth about animal estrogens which your doctor may not have told you (or did not know).
Dr. Paul Ling Tai is a respected Chinese-American surgeon, podiatrist, and researcher who is often called "the doctor's doctor".

Last year over 65 million prescriptions were written in America for synthetic drugs containing estradiol. If you are a woman taking the animal estrogen estradiol - or love a lady who uses it - you need to understand the harmful side effects and serious health risks involved!
An effective yet much safer alternative, a phyto estrogen called estriol, is now available - and is backed by the latest clinical medical research. Please take this seriously, and listen to Dr. Tai by clicking here...

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Astonishing Menopause Facts:

Fact #1: There are 40 million women suffering from Menopause in 2003
There will be 60 million women suffering from Menopause by 2010.
Fact #2: Female Menopause begins at about age 40 and is called Perimenopause in the early stage. Around age 45 the symptoms are clearer, and by that time you are going into the full swing of Menopause.
Fact #3: The average life expectancy for women is approximately 80 years. Therefore, women spend up to half their life in their menopause years.  If you are going to spend half your life in this condition, shouldn't you understand it and maybe even DO something about it?

And shouldn't you be informed of the actual content and possible harmful side-effects of the animal estrogen administered in the "estrogen replacement therapy" (ERT) which is commonly prescribed by physicians for menopause patients? Did you know that the "pre" and "mar" in a popular estrogen replacement product's name stand for "pregnant" and "mare"? It is made from the concentrated urine of pregnant horses.

But now, natural plant sources of estrogen (phyto estrogens) have been discovered, ones like estriol which are effective and have much less harmful side-effects. These are now available to you in Dr. Tai's new Menopause Specialist 100% herbal formula.

Special Nutriceutical Research Report
By: Bob Flowers, Science Reporter


I am rushing this Special Research Report to you for immediate release. The information in it may be of extreme importance to women. What I am writing about in this report is female menopause, also known as "The Change of Life." Women will all face this potentially devastating, and often miserable phase in their mid-life. Often, they live in menopause misery and have to suffer the misunderstanding of friends and loved ones who only see the symptoms, and don't know what the woman is really experiencing.

Dr. Tai is a Board certified surgeon (RET) on staff at Oakwood Medical Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. He is also a physician specializing in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Tai has served under two Michigan State Governors over the past ten years. He has been recognized with a Vice Chairman's position on the Michigan Board of Podiatric Medical Licensing and as Chief Examiner for all new Podiatric physicians. Dr. Tai also served as
head of Surgical Residences, overseeing all hospitals and clinics in the state of Michigan. In his various capacities, Dr. Tai has helped promulgate the rules applied by the Michigan Medical Act, has served as Chairman of the Podiatric Physicians Continuing Education, and has served as Chief Compliance Officer for the State of Michigan, supervising doctors in his specialty.

A tireless researcher, teacher, and lecturer, Dr. Tai also is an accomplished inventor with eight patents, both in process and already granted. Dr. Tai has helped thousands of patients, and consulted with countless doctors on difficult clinical cases all over the world.

A widely acclaimed formulator of extraordinary natural supplementary products such as Menopause Specialist and Prostate Specialist and AntiOxidant Specialist, his breakthrough technologies have been featured in such renowned medical newsletters as Women's Health and positively reviewed by the Health Science Institute in special reports distributed worldwide.

A serial entrepreneur, Dr. Tai sits on the boards of many public companies which are listed on The NASDAQ, The Toronto Stock Exchange, and The Vancouver Stock Exchange. He is known as a rare combination of success, creativity, and clinical acumen.

Dr. Tai is surely a modern "Renaissance Man."


Simply put, Menopause occurs when a woman stops ovulating and ceases to have her monthly period. The physical and emotional roller coaster now begins. Hot flashes are common, and profuse day and night sweating is frequent. Women experience frequent headaches, mood swings, chronic depression, sleep disturbances, insomnia; and experience severe fatigue, lack of energy, and eventful loss of mental acuity. Many women get osteoporosis, which results in increased bone fractures. AND HUSH! We really can't talk about it much, but the fact is that there is a frequent loss of libido, vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse for most women during menopause.

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NOTE: For the sake of your health and well-being, you really need to know about...


Click the link above to learn the dangerous side effects of the Estrogen Replacement Therapy drugs which are widely prescribed by doctors in the U.S.A. - as reported by medical research cited by Dr. Paul Ling Tai on the next web page.

A few examples of these things YOU DON'T WANT are: a significantly higher risk of coronary disease, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and overall incidence of cancer.

You do not need to take these risks! Phyto estrogens from plant sources with the "good" estrogen called estriol are much less toxic to you, and are a natural alternative to those animal estrogens with high levels of the "bad" estrogen called estradiol.
Get the facts about Menopause and make an informed decision which might save your life. Consult your personal physician or gynecologist, and make sure he or she is up-to-date on these latest research findings about the dangerous side effects of animal Estrogen Replacement Therapy, and animal hormones such as estradiol.

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Menopause Specialist is a formulation of natural herbs created by Dr. Paul Ling Tai to minimize the effects of Menopause symptoms.
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