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I am already earning a six-figure annual income from doing this, and it gets bigger every month. I hope you will be interested enough to look at what I am doing and see whether you might want to do it too.

There is something you and I do all the time. But you don't realize how powerful it is.

You do it naturally, happily, willingly. But you don't realize that others call it "working".

You do it without expecting to gain anything from it. You don't realize that you could.

If you are considering doing "something else" to earn a greater income, something you can do in your spare time, then consider doing what you are already doing for free!

Read on, and you will find out how you can get paid for doing it. I will tell you how I turned this part-time activity into a monthly income of US $5,000 within 12 months. Would an EXTRA $60,000 per year make some significant differences in your lifestyle? Let me tell you, it certainly made MY life a whole lot better!

If you didn't already guess what this "something" is, here are two clues for you...

You go to a good movie, and you like it so much you tell your friends about it. So they go to see it too.

You eat at a new restaurant, and you like the food so much you tell your friends and family about it. So they go and eat there too.

See what you are doing?

You are "referring" people to the movie theater and the restaurant by "word of mouth". And they say that "word of mouth is the best form of advertising".

But you didn't get a thank you note or a bonus check from the theater or the restaurant, did you?

They provided you with a great product or service when you were their customer, so you personally recommended them to others. Most of us do this all the time.

But did you realize that, in effect, you were "working" for them as a "marketer" of their product or service?

And you were the BEST kind of marketer - the kind who uses the product and personally recommends it to others he knows, people who respect his opinion. Perhaps one should say "her opinion" because women are such naturally great "referral marketers" and networkers.

And you did this referring in the spirit of being helpful to others. You were a "referral marketer" who was telling them about something which could benefit them, and giving it your personal recommendation based on your own positive experience.

You were a very valuable asset to those two businesses!

You brought them new customers. They didn't even have to pay for advertising, or pay a salesman, or do anything at all... except to make you a happy customer in the first place.

Did you notice that they didn't have to pay YOU, either? You never asked.

But why shouldn't they pay you? You did all the work that resulted in bringing them a new customer and earning them new profits!

There are some companies that WILL PAY YOU to refer new customers!

Some will pay you VERY well for helping them find new customers for their products or services. They know that a "word of mouth" referral from YOU will be better than advertising in media such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers.

Read on, and find out about a U.S. company established in 1998 which has a referral marketing plan that offers to pay you significantly more money for referring customers than any company in its industry - an industry which is presently part of the fastest-growing sector of the North American economy, where trillions of dollars will be spent over the next few years for what everyone wants and needs.

The products of this company will significantly improve the lives of the customers you refer. By referring them to these life-enhancing products you will be doing something worthwhile to help others in a meaningful way - and you will be helping yourself improve the lifestyle of yourself and your family in a signficant way.

It's something like a "get paid for your opinion" plan, where you give your personal opinion of a product to people and get paid when they choose to use the product.

You are doing this kind of thing anyway, so why not get well paid for doing it?

How much time you invest and how much extra income you earn is your choice. You can earn a little extra income by investing just a few hours per week, or you could even earn a six-figure annual income by doing this full-time. I can not promise that you will do as well as I have done with this, but I can tell you how well this has worked for me. Within 18 months I was earning an income that was nearly ten times more than I was earning before I decided to start doing this part-time.

Do you really believe that you would ever get a one thousand per cent raise in pay by working at your present occupation? If I could have earned even 100% as much doing this as I had been earning at some of my previous jobs, I would have immediately given up spending most of my time and my life to make someone else wealthy. Wouldn't you?

At the very least, this is an opportunity to free yourself from debt and give yourself some of the things you want in life. At best, it can be an opportunity to forever free yourself from being a job slave and move up to the lifestyle of the well-to-do that is enjoyed by less than five percent of North Americans. Is this something you would want? Is this a way you could have it? Yes, it is. But first you have to make a decision to invest a little more time in learning how this could work for YOU.

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