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Dr. Tai's Performance Specialist Tm

A Rare Himalayan Herb
Holds the Secret to Super Fitness and Long Life

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By: Bob Flowers, Science Reporter

Beijing, China - September 8, 1993

"The sound of their running shocks the world!"
China Sports Daily heralds an unbelievable week of record shattering performance at the National Games. Six Chinese Women break 17 world records, utterly smashing 9 of them. Reporters wrote: “They (The Chinese women athletes) looked as fresh as if they had been sipping jasmine tea”. After running races and breaking world records with both speed and stamina never seen in one female body until now, these beginning athletes in track and field events had achieved superhuman results and world class status. Not one of these athletes was ranked in the top 10 in any event before these meets.

Performance Specialist

"It is amazing that I am still able to handle the task I used to do at age 40! Thanks to your Performance SpecialistTm"
- Leon L. 80 years old

"As a nurse, my days are always very stressful and yet, require constant alertness. Ever since I am taking your Performance SpecialistTm, I found more and was able to keep up with a hectic schedule better than before."
- Beckie B. 52 years old

"I am so happy to tell you that even as a young athlete, I used to be so sore after each work out. Since I have been on your Performance SpecialistTm my work-outs are more powerful and I don’t have the soreness like I had in the past! Thanks for your help!"
- Gerald S. 27 years old

"I can now walk as fast as my son who is 43 years old. Really incredible!"
-Connie T. 74 years old

Disclaimer: Various testimonial results stated herein may not be typical. Every individual is different and accordingly will have a different result or may have no result.

Formulator of Performance SpecialistTm

Dr. Tai was born in Shanghai, China. He came to United States when he was a teenager. When he got here, all alone with only the one hundred dollars that his mother had rolled up neatly and placed in his pocket, he was constantly living in hunger and fear. It was the kindness and generosity of the American people who lent him a helping hand; and with lots of hard work and a little luck along the way, Dr. Tai is very successful today.

And he is determined to use his accumulation of knowledge and skills to serve the American people who treated him so kindly, and to help America to achieve a better quality of life. His "Specialist" formulations of natural health-promoting ingredients like AntiOxidant Specialist and Performance Specialist are now bringing longer life and better health to people who realize that living with low vitality and degenerative diseases is not our normal state of health.

Dr. Tai is currently serving as a physician specializing in Podiatric Medicine, and is a Board certified surgeon (RET) on the staff of the Oakwood Medical Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

As a superbly qualified leader in his field, Dr. Tai has served under two governors over a ten year period as the Vice Chairman of Michigan Board of Podiatric Medical Licensing, and as the Chief Examiner for all new Podiatric physicians. He also served as the head of Surgical Residencies, where he provided oversight for every hospital and clinic in the state of Michigan. Dr. Tai served as Chairman of the Podiatric Physicians Continuing Education, as well as serving as the Chief Compliance Officer for the State of Michigan, supervising all Michigan doctors in his specialty.

Known for many years as a tireless researcher, teacher, and lecturer, he’s an accomplished inventor with 8 patents, both in-process and granted. Dr. Tai has helped thousands of patients and countless doctors who consulted with him on difficult cases from all over the world. An acclaimed formulator of truly extraordinary natural supplemental products, Dr. Tai and his breakthrough technologies have been featured in such renowned medical newsletters as Women’s Health Newsletters and presented in special reports worldwide by Health Science Institute. His Performance SpecialistTm is one of Dr. Tai’s unique proprietary formulations designed to improve your quality of life.

Feel Great and and Feel Powerful
With "Performance Specialist" Tm

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Increased Fitness & Stamina / Improved Immunity / Anti-Aging Properties

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Performance Specialist is a formulation of natural herbs created by Dr. Paul Ling Tai
to increase the body's stamina and endurance.
It is sold as a "food supplement" product and is not a drug.
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