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A Fast and Easy
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  • No Deprivation
  • No Hunger
  • No Guilt
  • No Recipes
  • No Calorie-Counting
  • No Weigh-Ins
  • No Drugs of any kind
  • No Phentermine
  • No Steroids
  • No Aspartame
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Net Cost?
    (Cost of Diet wafers
    may be less than
    what you save on
    usual foods not
    eaten on Diet days.)

  • You won't feel hungry
    on your Diet Days.
  • You won't be tempted
    to snack or "cheat"
    because you diet for
    just 1 day then can
    eat all you want
    the next day.

    That day, you should
    get at least as many
    calories as you were
    consuming before, when
    you were NOT on a diet.
  • You won't lower
    your metabolism, so
    you won't gain
    weight back
    when you
    stop dieting.

It's Easy.
It's Simple.
It Works.
You will lose weight
and won't gain it back.

  • On your Diet Day you
    eat 2 Diet Wafers
    per hour for 10 hours,
    and eat all the raw fruit
    you want. Drink eight
    8-ounce glasses
    of drinking water.
    No other food but fruit.
    No sugar today.
  • The next day is your
    Food Day and you eat
    all your favorite foods
    in the usual quantity.
    Do NOT diet today.
  • Every 2nd day is a
    Diet Day, where you
    achieve rapid weight
    loss because you will
    get daily nutrition and
    only 180 calories
    from 20 Diet Wafers,
    plus some calories
    from any fruit you eat.

"You are never more than
24 hours from your
favorite meal!

The One Day Diet
Pays For Itself!

You can save more
on food you don't
eat than you'll
pay for the Diet.

  • To maintain
    your weight loss
    use Sea Energy
    liquid vitamins
    and minerals.
  • When you get
    better nutrition
    you may not need
    to eat as much!

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"I saved money on the food I didn't eat on Diet Days, so the net cost of the One Day Diet plan to me was 'FREE'. I lost 20 pounds in 20 days without feeling hungry!" The One Day Diet sounds too good to be true, but after reading how it works you'll understand why it works so well. See my story.

Lose Weight Fast - and Keep It Off!

Diet for One Day, Eat Your Favorite Foods Every 2nd Day!

The NEW "One Day Diet" for Fast Weight Loss without Hunger.
New formulation has 40% less calories, 100% more protein, and much improved taste.
A Safe, Scientific Weight Loss Program that Works. A Diet YOU can DO!

Learn the Truth About Weight Loss, and Why This Diet Works!

You can stick to a diet for one day when you know that you can eat what you want the very next day. You will lose weight without feeling hungry. And you are never more than 24 hours from your favorite meal. You can DO this diet!


If you have tried and failed many weight loss programs in the past, yet want to lose weight and gain energy, then this might be the most important information you'll ever read. One Day Diet is the first major breakthrough weight loss plan in this century. Read on, and I will reveal the scientific secrets of successful, speedy, and safe weight loss - and how you can make your metabolism work as a "fat-burning furnace" without ever feeling hungry.

What You Will Learn About Dieting and Weight Loss

  • The One Day Diet is a fast and easy way to lose weight. You could lose as much as 10 to 15 pounds in 14 days, while eating all your favorite foods on 7 of those days! Please understand that "individual results may vary" and your personal weight loss depends on your body chemistry, your eating habits, and whether you faithfully follow the simple guidelines of the One Day Diet plan.
  • The One Day Diet has been used by thousands of people since 1998. It is NOT a "fad diet", but a safe and successful diet that really works.
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Dieting Mistake. You don't have to starve yourself! Deprivation is what makes most diet plans fail due to psychological AND physiological factors. Find the facts here!
  • It doesn't have to be hard! You will be amazed at the simplicity of this diet! No recipies, no calorie-counting, and only 2 simple "rules"...
    1. Eat only the Diet wafers and raw fruit FOR 1 DAY, your "Diet Day".
    2. Eat the full amount of your usual foods the very NEXT day, which is always your "Food Day".
    Repeat these 2 steps - 1 day on, then 1 day off - for as long as you want to or need to. Anyone can do this diet, and you'll be proud of yourself when you see that YOU can do it too!
  • You Are Never More Than 24 Hours Away From Your Favorite Meal. Yes, if you like burgers, you can eat them on your "Food Days". Eating your USUAL amount of food on "Food Days" actually HELPS you lose weight! It's "rule number 2" Find out why!
  • You can turn your metabolism into "a fat-burning furnace". This is how you'll safely lose weight fast - and won't gain it back! One Day Diet works WITH your body, not against it - and it won't even know you're "dieting"! You don't even need to "exercise" - but if you want to go for a walk on your "diet days" you can lose weight even faster.

The One Day Diet plan is for you IF...

... you are serious about losing weight, and you can follow a simple diet routine.  With the "One Day Diet" plan, every other day you are allowed to "cheat & eat" as you please.  But in order for this diet plan to work...
  1. On a Diet Day you must follow the simple guidelines that are listed on the container.

  2. On a Food Day you just eat what you like - no calorie-counting, no measuring, no recipes, no guilt!
Every second day you are free to eat what you want - anywhere, anytime you choose!
In fact, on your food days you must NOT diet or skip meals - you should consume the usual number of calories per day from the foods you normally eat. Eating LESS will jeopardize your Diet plan. Read on, and you'll see why.

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Here are a Few Reasons Why The One Day Diet Will Work for YOU

  1. I'm not going to promise you that you will lose weight fast at the rate of X pounds per week or per month. I can promise the One Day Diet plan will work - but will it work for you? It worked for me when I lost 20 pounds in 20 days. But I don't know your level of determination or desire to lose weight, or whether you will take the simple steps to success with this Diet plan. How can I guarantee such a thing?
    But YOU can guarantee your success at losing weight rapidly and safely if you will stick to this scientific Diet plan faithfully for just one day at a time. The very next day you can reward yourself by eating your favorite foods!
  2. We have sold this weight loss product all over the world, with wonderful results. Here you will be able to read unsolicited testimonials from people who were just like you.
  3. This weight loss program is real, and it really works. Don't just take my word for it. Read on to see how the One Day Diet plan will work for you, if you will work the plan. But first, read how others have experienced safe, speedy and successful weight loss with this quick and easy diet program that worked when other diets didn't...
"In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs.! I didn't feel hungry. I've tried all other diets and, you know, you can only stick to them for a little while."
Jim B., Orange County, CA
"I was 'growing' daily and I didn't know how to stop. I figured that at the rate I was growing, I wouldn't fit through the front door in about 5 years. I had gone up to 296 lbs. I tried almost every diet out there and failed them all. I failed Nutri-Systems and it cost me over $1,000 to join and $70 per week, only to gain 20 pounds. I failed Over-Eaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers, and I lost count of how many different times I started Slimfast, hoping this time it was going to work."

"When all these and more failed, I then decided to create my own diet... fasting. When I almost killed myself, that's when I decided to never diet again, and that's when I started growing again. Then I was introduced to "One Day Diet". I didn't want to try the diet. It took my friend three phone calls to talk me into trying the diet, and needless to say, 82 lbs. And 7 dress sizes later I thank God everyday that he never gave up on me, and for sharing with me the BEST DIET IN THE WORLD!"
Elizabeth Y., California
"Michael, I appreciate your calling and talking to me a few weeks back. It has been an amazing journey for me on the One Day Diet. I have now reached my goal weight of 120 pounds. I started the diet at 141 pounds approximately 6 weeks ago. This diet is unbelievable!! When I talked to you, I was a little frustrated because I had hit a plateau and could not lose the last 9 pounds, but I want to tell anybody who hits a plateau to stick with it! I even went off it for a few days, ate regularly and then went back on it, and the next day I had broken my plateau and lost another 3 pounds. I am even skinnier than before I got pregnant with my second child. It is so much fun to wear skinny clothes, and everybody has noticed the difference. The diet is easy to follow and great because you can eat what you want the next day. Anyone can follow this diet. We are travelling overseas to see family that we have not seen in 6 years, and I feel so confident that I have reached my goal!! I highly recommend this diet to everyone. All you have to lose is your unwanted weight!!"
Anne Gueta, Prospect, KY USA
"I've never had so much energy in all my life, using this plan! With "One Day Diet" I lost 7 lbs. in 7 days, and snack on the Diet wafers on my food days, too."
Christina J.
"A friend told me about "One Day Diet". I was able to lose 23 lbs. in 5 weeks! It worked for me. I failed other diets because I just couldn't stay with it."
R.J., Mission Veijo, CA
"My first 5 weeks on "One Day Diet" I lost 17 lbs.! My husband lost about 12 lbs. the first week, and now he's lost about 35 lbs. "One Day Diet" is the easiest diet I ever did. I feel so good!"
Joan R., New Jersey
"I am an emotional eater. I had heard with "One Day Diet" you wouldn't gain weight back. So I thought, I'm going to put this thing to the real test. I lost 17 lbs. in 10 days! … You can try and gain it back, but you won't."
Julie R., East Coast
"My husband and I went out on last Thursday and Friday, and in 2 days moved over $700 worth of this diet product! I've lost 15 lbs. in 1 month. I feel better on my diet day than I do on my food day."
Shirley M., Memphis TN

Benefits |  Testimonials |  Ingredients |  Prices / How to ORDER

Other Diet Plans are Pure Torture

Those strict diet plans tell you when and how much to eat, day after day. They tell you NOT to eat the foods you want!
Now, with the "One Day Diet" plan, you are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite foods, or the best meal of your life! This diet plan is convenient, easy, and safe to use. It's the "natural" way to lose weight, because it acknowledges and works with your body's natural processes, not against them.

You might even feel better while on the One Day Diet than you did before, because the Diet wafers carefully regulate your glucose levels and provide essential nutrition on your Diet Days which you might not have been getting in your everyday diet. And it may actually cost you less to be on the One Day Diet than to eat the foods you usually buy - so this Diet plan could literally "pay for itself" or even "pay" you to use it. Here are the main benefits of the One Day Diet plan, compared to other weight loss programs...
  • No "calorie counting", no "forbidden foods", no gadgets, no gimmicks, no fatigue, no weekly visits, no weigh-ins, no meetings, no drugs, and no hunger, no cheating, no guilt!
  • 100% natural, safe, scientific, and effective weight loss. You don't feel deprived or hungry.
  • Fast and easy weight loss that lasts. Look good, and feel better.
  • You can lose weight without exercise. But walking on Diet Days will burn off even more fat.
  • End your diet frustrations. Diet for 1 day, then eat what you want the next day!

Any weight loss program that does not allow you to eat every hour will create hunger pangs (as the dotted line above shows) around 10:30 a.m. - at which time they finally let you have a mid-morning snack. But by now that snack is nowhere near enough for your growling stomach, and if you are like most people, you cheat by eating "junk food". Since most junk foods and processed foods contain refined sugar (sucrose) which is too rapidly converted to too much glucose in your body and will trigger a release of insulin to control it, this starts a major high and low swing in your body's glucose level, as depicted on the following Energy Level Chart.

"One Day Diet" is different. You get to eat two tasty Diet wafers - French Vanilla or Milk Chocolate - every hour of the day for the first 10 hours (or more if you get hungry at night). This not only satisfies your need to munch on food, but as the solid line above shows, it also gives your body a constant supply of nutrition and a carefully regulated supply of complex carbohydrates to let your body produce the just right amount of glucose it needs for fuel. This lets you avoid any "binging" or "cheating". And this is why it's important to eat your 2 Diet wafers every hour from the time you wake up. (So don't forget to take your wafers with you when you leave the house. Just put them into a zip-lock sandwich bag.)

The Glucose Factor: The amount of energy your body gets is determined by the amount of glucose in your blood (sometimes referred to as your "blood sugar level"). When you eat or drink anything with refined sugar (sucrose), or go on any diet which contains a high amount of sucrose, you drastically upset the normal level of glucose in your blood. This actually drains your body of the energy it needs to function properly. That's why you have that tired, sluggish feeling within 20 minutes of eating something with sugar in it! Sugar is not your friend. Neither are "dextrose" or "corn syrup" - two sugary ingredients often used in processed foods that make you fat, and make you hungry for more.


The graph above shows what happens to the level of glucose (energy) in your blood when using diets with sugar versus the healthy alternative, "One Day Diet".  It's when your body's blood glucose level hits bottom that you get those cravings to eat something, anything - especially if it's sweet!

For someone who is trying to lose weight, or prevent weight gain, it's absolutely critical that the level of glucose in the blood never goes below normal. That's what the Diet wafers take care of for you. The safest and healthiest way to lose weight fast is to use the "One Day Diet" plan!


With STRICT diets or "fasting", when you eat less food for more than 3 days in a row your body will sense it as a shortage in the food supply, and then to conserve energy and avoid starvation it will automatically lower your metabolism - the rate at which your body burns calories.  It's an ancient "survival tactic" programmed into your body.  Then when you stop your weight loss program and start eating normally again, your metabolism is set so low that anything over ½ of what you used to eat will put the weight back on! This is what causes the "yo yo diet" effect with many of those failed weight loss programs.

Thus you have a 3 day limit on lowering your calorie intake before you risk lowering your metabolism, so be sure to get your usual number of calories on at least one day out of every three. When one Food Day is between two Diet Days, you must NOT cut calories or skip meals on the Food Day, but eat as much as you were eating BEFORE you started your One Day Diet.

The "One Day Diet" is designed to keep your body from even knowing it's on a diet!  This prevents your metabolism from being lowered, and helps you lose weight. This is why it's important to eat your usual quantity of food every second day, on each and every one of your "Food Days". You don't "diet" on your Food Days. You lose weight fast on your Diet Days, and you prevent gaining weight back by eating normally on your Food Days. Yes, eating your favorite foods actually HELPS you lose weight with the One Day Diet plan!

But let's be realistic and honest about the claim that "you won't gain weight back". It is usually the lowering of your metabolism while on a diet program that makes those other diets fail and actually cause you to gain weight after you stop dieting. If you follow the simple "rules" of the One Day Diet plan, this will NOT happen - you won't gain weight back because your metabolism will not get lowered. But of course, whatever eating habits and lifestyle choices made you gain weight in the first place will have to change somehow, or you will just start to slowly gain weight again. I can't promise that YOU won't do things that will cause you to gain weight after you lost weight using the One Day Diet. I can only promise that the proper use of this Diet plan will not make you gain weight later.

But while you are doing the One Day Diet, you will learn some useful new habits that will help you keep the weight off and never have to diet again. Things like eating fruit as a snack food instead of fattening "junk food", eating less refined sugar, drinking more water each day, and maybe getting to like going out for a walk every day or two - which helps you lose weight, keeps your metabolic rate higher, and makes you feel better all the time. You don't have to jog or run, for weight loss is better accomplished by brisk walking than by running. You don't HAVE to exercise to lose weight fast on the One Day Diet, but you will burn off MORE fat if you get out walking on Diet Days.

Now please let me remind you of the importance of NOT lowering your body's metabolic rate...

You need to understand this... your body's metabolism is much like a thermostat in your home, and it works to maintain your current body weight. You DON'T want to set your body's "thermostat" lower, or it will be hard to lose any weight at all.

This "3 day limit" is what you must watch out for when you try to lose weight by dieting. Your body will mistakenly see the reduction in food and calories you are consuming as a signal that you are "starving" - so it immediately lowers your body's metabolism to conserve and store as much fat as possible! It's a survival tactic genetically programmed into your body from ancient times. It kept your Neanderthal ancestors alive when the food supply was a lot more uncertain than yours is today!

But with One Day Diet your metabolism doesn't lower itself because you are eating normally every second day. Your body never has to go into "survival mode" because the reduction in calories only occurs for 24 hours at a time. And on Diet Days your blood glucose level is maintained by eating the Diet wafers every hour, even though you are consuming far fewer calories on your Diet Days - only 180 calories from 20 Diet wafers. You lose weight quickly and safely, without lowering your metabolism or feeling hungry.

You can even do two or three Food Days in a row if you want to eat normally on certain occasions. It won't hurt your diet plan, though it will take you longer to lose weight.

But you must never do two Diet Days in a row, or try to reduce calories on your Food Days. That's very important. Just go for 1 day at a time on reduced calories and get your normal amount of calories every second day, and you will avoid lowering your metabolism. You will probably want to "get your calories" from some of your favorite foods and desserts - and why shouldn't you "reward yourself" each Food Day for doing one more Diet Day and succeeding in losing more weight? You deserve a treat today!

Here's a summary of the One Day Diet plan "instructions"...
  • Every other day is a FOOD DAY: Eat as you would when you're not dieting! This makes your body think you're NOT on a diet! You need to get the same number of calories your body is used to getting per day, or you risk lowering your metabolism. Eating a little more would be better than eating too much less. That's why it doesn't make sense to try to suppress your appetite on the Food Days with an additional product some vendors try to sell you. Just eat your usual favorite foods and enjoy yourself every second day on those Food Days!
  • Every other day is a DIET DAY: Burn fat and reduce excess weight on this day! Chew two tasty chocolate or vanilla Diet wafers every hour to maintain blood glucose level and avoid hunger (and eat some more if you feel hungry at night). Eat no other food, except fresh fruit (and only if you feel you want more food, the less the better).  No sugar. No fats. No alcohol. No soft drinks. Drink only water (but a little black coffee or tea without sugar or honey is okay, if you must have your caffeine). Those "diet" soft drinks may not contain any sugar, but they usually contain Aspartame and phosphoric acid, which have side effects you may want to avoid.

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Finally... A Diet That Succeeds Where Others Have Failed


Diet studies have revealed that of the 12 out of 100 dieters who actually do lose weight, only two maintain their weight loss for more than a year. If you've ever started a weight loss program, you know how difficult, frustrating, and sometimes even unhealthy, that dieting can be. "Deprivation diets" have a high failure rate, and can even cause you to gain weight if your metabolism gets lowered when you "cut calories" for too long.

With the One Day Diet plan, all that has changed. Now you can lose weight fast with a revolutionary scientific diet plan that works with your body, and not against it - and works with you, not against you. It's a weight loss program that is natural and safe, easy to stick with, and lets you eat what you want every other day! Saves you more than it costs

Dieting is Hazardous to Your Weight!

The main reason why 98 out of 100 dieters fail is because their weight loss programs ignore simple human physiology. When you cut down your food intake for more than 3 days in a row on a strict diet, your body mistakes this for a signal that you are starving, and automatically lowers your metabolism to conserve energy, and also tries to store as much fat as possible! This makes it much more difficult to lose weight! And worse, when you go off your diet plan your metabolism is slower, so that anything over approximately half of what you used to eat before you started dieting will now cause you to gain weight again!

In short, other diet plans have a built-in failure mechanism that leads to a discouragingly low and slow rate of weight loss, and even a weight gain after the diet is ended. They have been aptly named "yo-yo diets" because the weight goes down and then up again like a toy yo-yo.

The Most Effective Way To Diet...
One Day At A Time!

This diet is different! "One Day Diet" is the first major breakthrough in dieting in this century, because this weight loss program works with your body, rather than against it. The "One Day Diet" plan tricks your body into thinking that you are NOT dieting. Every other day you are free to eat what you want - anywhere, anytime you choose! You actually need to consume your usual food and calories, so don't diet at all on Food Days! Enjoy yourself and reward yourself with your favorite foods ...for tomorrow you diet again.
That means you are only "on" a diet every other day. Because with the "One Day Diet" plan you never actually cut your food intake for longer than 1 day at a time, and never experience those critical three straight days with a less than normal supply of food, your body doesn't know that you're dieting! So your metabolism will remain at its usual level, and you'll lose weight rapidly because every second day you are consuming far fewer calories when it's your "Diet Day". So you won't gain it back later.

Willpower? Who Needs It?

Willpower is another reason why other diet plans usually fail. They don't work with normal human psychology to eliminate the temptation to "cheat and eat" because you feel deprived. But "One Day Diet" eliminates the willpower obstacle by making dieting a "1-day-on, then 1-day-off" proposition. On your Diet Days you get to eat something every hour on your Diet Days to maintain your blood gluose level and not feel hungry, and you can always eat some raw fruit if you happen to feel a need for more solid food.

So you only have to have enough willpower to diet for one day - because the next day is always your "Food Day"! Anyone can stick to a diet for 1 day when they know they can eat what they want the next day. With "One Day Diet", you'll never be more than 24 hours away from your favorite meal!

Benefits |  Testimonials |  Ingredients |  Prices / How to ORDER

The Fat Elimination Process Explained

When you eat more calories than your body burns, the excess food is stored in your fat cells. The "One Day Diet" plan heats up your "Metabolic Furnace" and burns fat by the hour in millions of cells. This is a process called lipolysis, in which your body turns to its secondary source of energy - burning stored fats (called lipids) - when its primary source of energy, glucose, is limited because of a reduced intake of carbohydrates and sugars.

This fat-burning process called lipolysis produces a byproduct called ketones or ketone bodies, which are partially burned fats (lipids). Your body will normally convert the ketones into energy. An elevated level of ketones is called ketosis, which is the natural state in which your body burns stored body fat to produce energy - which is exactly WHY it stored the fat in the first place, so it would have a secondary source of stored energy. However, too many ketones in the blood can increase the acidity of the blood, which is not a desirable state; so the body will normally flush out any excess ketones through urination. That's a good thing too, for now there will be less fat to burn off! As long as the level of ketones is not excessive, the presence of ketones in the urine is normal and offers proof that you are indeed metabolizing your body fat and losing weight!

Lipolysis/Ketosis - or the shortened form, "ketosis", which is often used instead - is thus a natural and desired fat-burning state when weight loss is your goal. But lypolysis will be stopped if you consume any sugar or alcohol, either of which is quickly converted to glucose. Your body will just go back to using glucose as its primary energy source, and stop using the stored lipids in your fat cells as fuel. This is why it's important not to eat any refined sugar on your "diet days" - which would defeat the fat-burning and weight loss process. You don't want that to happen.

On the other hand, you do not want to produce an abnormally high level of ketones, so it is safer to go back to eating normally every second day and get your usual supply of carbohydrates, which will stop the lypolysis and production of ketones for a while and let your body flush out any excess amounts.

Unlike "starvation" diets or highly restricted carbohydrate diets, the "One Day Diet" plan is safe because you only put your body into the desired state of lipolysis/ketosis for one day at a time to rapidly burn off stored fat on your "Diet Days". If you were to restrict your consumption of carbohydrates too severely and for too long, you might put your body into ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening condition experienced by people in an extreme state of starvation - and sometimes experienced by chronic alcoholics, or people with an insulin deficiency and out-of-control high blood glucose levels (such as those with the disease called diabetes).

But do not confuse ketosis - which is the normal fat-burning condition you WANT to achieve on your "diet days" - with this extreme condition called ketoacidosis, which you can easily avoid simply by eating normally every second day on your "Food Days" and getting sufficient carbohydrates. The two terms are not the same thing, but are actually polar opposites, because lipolysis/ketosis is a state in which your body IS burning fat efficiently; while ketoacidosis is caused when your liver is NOT able to achieve lipolysis to convert fat (lipids) to energy effectively, and thus produces an extreme excess of ketones, which are those partially-burned fats.

Note that while it's important to get your usual number of calories every second day on your Food Days, you still should avoid consuming refined sugars as much as possible, for they trigger those swings in blood glucose level which make you crave even more sweets or junk foods with sugar. Sugar is a major cause of diabetes (which is why they used to call it "sugar diabetes) in adults, and is now causing an alarming incidence of diabetes in children who consume far too much junk food and soda pop and so-called "fruit drinks" which are loaded with refined sugar. Eventually the over-taxed pancreas becomes unable to produce enough insulin to deal with the constant excess intake of refined sugar, so the person becomes hyperglycemic and will require insulin pills or injections every day to control their blood sugar levels. And too much sugar hidden in all those processed foods may be the main reason you gained weight in the first place! Read the labels, and you may be shocked to see how much sugar or sucrose or glucose is added to processed foods you don't even consider "sweet".

Now, let's look at how the One Day Diet turns your body into a "fat burning furnace" on your Diet Days...
Fat Cell Now
Fat Cell Now
First 12 Hours
First 12 Hours
First 24 Hours
First 24 Hours
First 36 Hours
First 36 Hours
First 48 Hours

24-Hour Fat Elimination
On Your "Diet Day"

The amazing combination of ingredients in 100% natural One Day Diet wafers, provides nutrition from the hour you wake until your head hits the pillow on your "diet days". With the carefully measured consumption of 2 Diet wafers each hour for 10 hours, you get just enough complex carbohydrates to maintain your blood glucose level and avoid feeling hungry (18 calories per hour). But you don't get enough carbohydrates for your body to convert to glucose and use as fuel all day, so it has to start using its supply of stored fat as a secondary source of energy.

By eating only the tasty vanilla or chocolate Diet wafers on your Diet Day, you will cause what is called a "hypocaloric effect" to take place in your body and allow fat elimination from your cells to occur every second of your Diet Day, until you eat your breakfast the next morning. As a result of this fat-burning process called "lipolysis" you could burn off 1 to 2 pounds of fat on that Diet Day! Then the next day is always a Food Day, when you eat your usual amount of food to avoid lowering your metabolism. It's very important to avoid eating any sugar or consuming any alcohol on your Diet Days, because that would stop the fat-burning process which you were trying to start!

Lose up to 20 pounds per month, while eating what you like on your "food days".

The "One Day Diet" plan can reverse your body's fat-building process and eliminate fat from millions of cells every 24 hours, even while you are asleep.

How Much Fresh Fruit and What Kinds of Fruit
Should You Eat on Diet Days?

The main purpose of the fruit you eat on Diet Days is to give you something more substantial than the Diet wafers, if you feel you need it. But the less fruit you eat, the less calories you will have to burn off to lose weight. The 2 Diet wafers you eat each hour on Diet Days will keep most people from feeling any real hunger at all, but since everyone has a different body chemistry and body mass, you might feel hungry occasionally - especially if you see someone else eating or get thinking about "real food".

In summary, the raw fruit is "optional" and you may not need to eat very much fruit on your Diet Days. But DO eat a small portion of your favorite fruit if you happen to feel hungry or get thinking too much about food - and then eat a little more if that was not enough to satisfy you. It is more important to avoid feeling hungry or deprived, than to to avoid getting some extra calories from the fruit you eat.

On your first few Diet Days, eat all the raw fruit you want and don't worry about the calories, since this will help you get accustomed to eating only the Diet wafers and a little fruit all day. Stock up in advance with your favorite fruits so you can have a little variety to make your Diet Days more enjoyable.

We do NOT recommend eating any kind of vegetables on your Diet Day, with the exception of Celery, which contains mostly water and fiber. You could sprinkle the celery with salt for improved taste, but don't eat it with any dipping sauce!

Learn what kinds of fruit are best to eat by clicking on this link to the One Day Diet FAQ page.

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If you are allergic to dairy products or are lactose-intolerant, please note that the One Day Diet list of ingredients includes "condensed milke" and "whey protein".
If you are diabetic, please note that the One Day Diet list of ingredients includes carbohydrates in the form of "fructose" and eating 20 Diet wafers per Diet Day will supply a total of 37 grams.

Important Notice:
If you have a medical condition or are pregnant,
you should consult your personal physician before you start using the One Day Diet or ANY weight loss program.  As people vary, so does an individual's weight loss.


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Each bottle of 140 NEW One Day Diet wafers allows you to eat 20 per day and continue
your rapid weight loss program for 14 days, consisting of 7 Diet Days and 7 Food Days.
Since 20 wafers provide only 180 calories, they should be taken only on alternate
days so that you will always resume eating regular food after each 24 hours on
the One Day Diet plan.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT "diet" or reduce total calories on any Food Days! Eat "normally" and enjoy your food!
Be sure to consume at least the number of calories considered "normal" for someone of your
height, weight, gender, and activity level.
You may reduce calories from sugar or fat IF you REPLACE them with calories from other healthier foods.
DO NOT reduce TOTAL calories per day on ANY of your Food Days
or you will risk lowering your metabolic rate and cause your body to resist losing weight!

While on the One Day Diet you could save more on groceries than you paid for your Diet wafers.

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Please do not confuse the Affinity Original One Day Diet plan with other weight loss programs such as Summertime One Day Diet, 1-day Diet, the 1 Day Miracle Diet, the Tropical 2-Day Diet, Malibu 2-Day Diet, 3 Day Diet, Tammi Flynn's Three Apple a Day Diet, 4 Day Diet, Four Day Wonder Diet, 5 Day Miracle Diet, the 7-Day Smart Diet Plan, Scottsdale 7-Day Diet, Aspen Wellness 7 Day Lifestyle Diet, 10-Day Diet, Dr. McDougall's 12-Day Diet Meal Plan, Atkins 14-day Diet, 28-Day Diet, The 30-day Low-Carb Diet, or the Victoria Principal 30-day Diet to Lose. The Original One Day Diet Plan and Diet wafers are marketed exclusively by Affinity Lifestyles Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It is a scientific rapid weight loss program designed for safe and lasting weight loss by regulating the body's blood glucose levels and preventing a lowering of the metabolic rate, while providing essential nutrition from One Day Diet wafers on "diet days" and maintaining healthy hydration levels by drinking 8 glasses of water per day.

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